WOODBURY - A state panel is slamming the Long Island Power Authority for its response to Hurricane Sandy.

The Moreland Commission is a panel created by Gov. Cuomo to review LIPA's performance and recommend what should be done about it.

The panel members did not hold back yesterday, stating LIPA did not do its job, was completely unprepared and should now be replaced.

Panel members reported back to Gov. Cuomo, stating the utility is dysfunctional, and had a completely inept response after the storm. Their suggestion was to privatize it.

Energy expert Matthew Cordaro agrees LIPA should have been replaced a long time ago, but says privatization would not benefit Long Islanders.

LIPA refused to talk to News 12 Long Island on camera, but sent a statement saying, "We are reviewing the report and will continue to cooperate with the State and the Moreland Commission to do what is in the best interest of Long Island's ratepayers."

Gov. Cuomo, who appoints leaders of the LIPA board, would have to approve any move to privatize the utility.

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The findings were part of a preliminary report. The Moreland Commission hopes to release a final report in March.