3 Nassau beaches closed because of bacterial concerns

Seagulls cruise in formation off Philip B. Healey

Seagulls cruise in formation off Philip B. Healey Beach off Florence Avenue in Massapequa. (Credit: Newsday/David L. Pokress )

Three Nassau beaches -- Biltmore and Philip Healey in Massapequa and Morgan beach in Glen Cove -- remained closed on Saturday because of elevated levels of bacteria, according to the county's Department of Health.

Biltmore and Philip Healey beaches have been closed since July 9 while Saturday was the first day Morgan has been closed.

The rest of the county's beaches that are operating during the 2014 season are open, the department said.

DATA: Beach water quality scores

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Members of the public can get updated recorded information on beach openings and closures by calling 516-227-9700.

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