Three Queens teens were arrested and charged in the robbery of a teen leaving a Valley Stream school on Saturday, Nassau County police said.

The victim and a friend, both 15, were leaving Forest Road School at 16 Forest Rd. around 5 p.m. when they were approached by three older teens, police said.

According to police, after Smith asked the two victims the time and one of the victims pulled his cellphone from his pocket, Bartley shoved the victim to the ground and grabbed the phone. The three suspects then ran, but were found by police on Furth Road. Under arrest are Deyandre Bartley, 17, Daniel Smith, 18, and Aaron Benton, 17, all of Rosedale.

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The victim suffered minor injuries, and police recovered his phone.

Police said Bartley, Smith and Benton are charged as adults with second-degree robbery. They were scheduled to be arraigned on Sunday at First District Court in Hempstead.