Blizzard warning issued for LI

A plow moves high piles of snow in A plow moves high piles of snow in Locus Valley (Dec. 9, 2005) Photo Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

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Forecasters have a message for those who plan to travel Sunday - don't do it.

A blizzard will likely bring whiteout conditions, wind gusts to 55 mph, and as much as 16 inches of snowfall to Long Island, the National Weather Service says.

Snow is expected to begin falling before dawn Sunday and continue for more than 24 hours, with blinding, driven snow limiting visibility to a quarter-mile at best for hours at a time - and the possibility of zero visibility, said Lauren Nash, a meteorologist at the weather service'sUpton office.

"Travel conditions will be extremely dangerous. This will lead to whiteouts," Nash said. If travelers ignore the warnings, they should be ready for the consequences, including the chance of large, shifting snowdrifts, she said. Power lines could also be damaged by the storm.

"Our standard warning for this kind of weather is, do not travel. If you must travel, have a winter survival kit with you," she said. If stranded, stay with your vehicle, she added.