Three minors were treated for suspected alcohol poisoning after police broke up a weekend party attended by about 100 underage drinkers in Long Beach, police said Monday.

According to a police report, neighbors called police to a house on West Park Avenue in the west end of the city at 11:15 p.m. Saturday to report that underage drinking was taking place at a party.

A summons was issued to an unidentified 19-year-old for violating the social host law but police said they did not know the age range of the people who attended the gathering.

“You’re not supposed to serve alcohol to minors,” a Long Beach police spokesman said in a telephone interview Monday. “Everyone [at the party] was under 21.”

Police said three minors were taken to the hospital for treatment of suspected alcohol poisoning.

Video footage from News 12 Long Island showed rescue crews taking people out of the party on stretchers.

“It looked like a riot at first; the kids were running around screaming,” Long Beach resident Christopher Larson told News 12.

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Other details were not immediately available.