A curious stare and a broad smile were 20-month-old Alfonso D'Amato's immediate reactions when he first laid eyes on his 20-hour-old baby sister, Luciana Cioffari D'Amato.

The children of former Sen. Alfonse D'Amato, 72, and wife Katuria, 43, were introduced Saturday at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, where Luciana was born Friday.

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Young Alfonso, who was sitting on his dad's lap for the nonverbal "Hi" to his sister, soon hopped over to his beaming mother. At that, the former three-term senator pronounced himself "relieved" that the meeting he had brokered went well.

"I was a little concerned because Alfonso was No. 1," D'Amato said, "and I'm so happy about the way he immediately adapted to his sister, pointing and smiling."

D'Amato has four adult children from a previous marriage, and 14 grandchildren.

Hats seemed to be the wardrobe staple for the kids, with Luciana wearing a cozy pink cap embroidered with strawberries and flowers, and Alfonso sporting a patchwork-embellished corduroy newsboy cap.

Luciana and her mother are expected to leave the hospital for the D'Amatos' Lido Beach home Tuesday. D'Amato said he is "off the charts with joy" and handed out what he said was the first celebratory cigar to the photographer who recorded the happy meet-up.