For Diana Locoteta, a tiara looked just right with ripped jeans and a jersey. The self-described ‘tomboy’ and 16-year-old East Rockaway High School senior was crowned homecoming queen at the school’s pep rally Friday -- on her own terms.

"Growing up, I was always the girl with the shorts and T-shirt and my hair up in a ponytail," Locoteta said. "People would always ask me why I don't dress like other girls, but I just did not want to."

Locoteta, a co-captain of the varsity volleyball team, said that she wants to show girls that no matter who they are, they can become what they want.  

"I play sports all year around and I'm not girly, but I became homecoming queen," she said.

Sara Perrone, Locoteta's class adviser, admires the student’s mindset.

"She embodies everything it means to be a positive, thoughtful and intelligent young woman," she said. "She's a true leader at our school.”

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Michael Saporito, the 2016 homecoming king and Locoteta's best friend since kindergarten, couldn’t agree more.

"I think she is great because she does not care what other people think," he said.

Apparently, many think very well of her, as Locoteta was congratulated by her classmates at the end of the festivities. 

Says Locoteta, "All you have to do is be yourself."