East Williston’s village board is looking to its residents for input on its water supply options, including a tentative agreement reached recently with Williston Park.

The village will be holding a public meeting on Jan. 12 to review terms for the water rate it is charged by Williston Park. The board will also discuss the possibility of constructing its own well system.

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Williston Park provides East Williston with water, currently at a rate of $4.33 per thousand gallons. East Williston has previously claimed that the neighboring village is overcharging, which has resulted in three lawsuits over the past decade.

Under the new 25-year water agreement drafted by both village boards, East Williston would maintain its rate of $4.33 until June 2018. The $300,000 that East Williston currently owes in outstanding water penalties for nonpayment would be reduced to $100,000.

East Williston’s village board will consider adopting a bond resolution to finance building a village water supply system, which will be subject to voter approval, according to a village email.

The public meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. at Village Hall, 2 Prospect St., East Williston.