MINEOLA - A jury found retired Nassau Second Deputy Commissioner William Flanagan guilty on two counts of official misconduct in a partial verdict today.

Flanagan is accused of using his power to help a wealthy police benefactor.

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Police say then 17-year-old Zachary Parker stole $11,000 worth of electronics from JFK High School in Bellmore back in 2009. Prosecutors say Parker's father, Gary, used his connections with Flanagan and two other officers to persuade school officials not to press charges.

The jury remains deadlocked on the felony charge of receiving a reward for official misconduct and a misdemeanor charge of conspiracy.

“This verdict, which we view as a mistake and a byproduct and a very, very unfair trial in terms of of how the law was presented to the jury, doesn't change that,” said Bruce Barket, Flanagan’s defense attorney.

If convicted on all counts, he could face up to four years in prison.