Judge: Dominic Barbara must get new lawyer

Prosecutors are asking a judge to remove a Prosecutors are asking a judge to remove a lawyer from a high-profile harassment case, saying that, until recently, the lawyer's firm represented the victim in the same case. The defendant is Dominic Barbara, a onetime attorney to Long Island's infamous who has been having his own legal troubles recently. (Sept. 24, 2012) Photo Credit: Amanda Voisard

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Disgraced Long Island attorney Dominic Barbara must find another law firm to defend him against stalking and extortion charges involving his ex-wife, a Nassau District Court judge has ruled.

Leslie Barbara refused to waive the attorney-client privilege she had already established with a partner at the same firm hired by her former husband, according to the ruling.

The Aug. 13 decision by Judge Helen Voutsinas is another blow to Barbara's attempt to resurrect his career after his license to practice law was suspended for 18 months in 2011 for misconduct.

Garden City attorney Bruce Barket, whose associate had been representing Dominic Barbara in the stalking case, called the decision "badly flawed." It "ignores the fact" that Leslie Barbara was repeatedly advised that his law firm would not represent her against her husband in any cases involving them both, Barket said.

But the judge, ruling in favor of prosecutors, found evidence of a conflict of interest.

In December, prosecutors charged Barbara with harassing, stalking and trying to extort $200,000 from his ex-wife.

His client roster once included Jessica Hahn, a church secretary who became famous during a 1980s sex and money scandal; Joey Buttafuoco, whose teen lover, Amy Fisher, dubbed the "Long Island Lolita," shot his wife in the early 1990s; and Michael Lohan.

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