WASHINGTON -- Most of the money from the $60.4 billion superstorm Sandy disaster aid request would go to help people, businesses and local governments, but the White House also proposes funds to repair five federal facilities on Long Island.

All five were damaged by severe flooding or wind from Sandy last October. The projects are:


Fire Island

Request: $348 million for Fire Island and three other parks in New York and New Jersey.

Needs: Repairs to buildings, utilities, seawalls, docks and shoreline restoration, and replacement of radios, vehicles, boats and other equipment.


Long Island National Wildlife Refuge

Request: $78 million, mainly for Long Island and two other areas in New Jersey and Delaware.

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Needs: Repair fish health centers, buildings, utilities, vegetation, gates, fences, seawalls, docks and shorelines. Repair or replace water treatment tanks, fueling stations, vehicles, boats.


Francis S. Gabreski Air Base, Westhampton

Request: $5.77 million for Gabreski and two New Jersey airports.

Needs: Repair damaged facilities and equipment.


Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale

Request: $1.1 million for Long Island and national cemeteries in New York City and New Jersey.

Needs: Removal of trees blown down by high winds. "We lost 178 trees," said Long Island Cemetery director Roseann Santore. She said the downed trees must be removed and some toppled headstones must be restored.


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Plum Island Animal Disease Center

Request: $3.25 million.

Needs: Erosion control and repair work, rerouting and retrenching of the undersea power cable for backup power.