LI voters respond to poll for Nassau executive race

JEFFREY KLEIN, 67, OF PORT WASHINGTON, a paint maker, said he planned

to vote for Suozzi in the primary election. "I don't know if Haber is competent," Klein said. "He has shown me nothing. Tom Suozzi, well, I'm always wondering if he would be looking at the next higher office . . . [but] Suozzi came in during a difficult time, and did a reasonably good job."

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PAUL ASKEDALL, 52, OF FARMINGDALE, an actor and singer, said he is a registered Republican but will vote for Suozzi in the general election: "Mangano has goofed up, he closed the precincts and was going to have the public pay for the Coliseum. The Republicans still do not respond well to the public, too. I can't vote in the primary, but Suozzi will win that hands down."

JEANNE MARIE SCOTT, 78, OF NORTH BELLMORE, is a registered Republican who said she plans to vote for Mangano in the general election because he has not raised county taxes. "Mangano was everywhere before, during and after the storm," said Scott referring to superstorm Sandy. "He really is doing a good job given the challenges he has faced these past three years with the economy and the storms."

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