Notable quotes from the debate in the Nassau district attorney's race, held Wednesday night:


Republican, Hempstead Town supervisor

"I will be the tough district attorney Nassau needs."
"I have a plan to win the war on heroin."
"Bottom line I’m running to be the visionary, the leader."

Murray on not having served as a prosecutor:
"The bottom line is take a look at what is going on in Nassau County … the bottom line is that skill set is not serving her well … heroin deaths have gone up … she has not prosecuted one public corruption case."
"She has not managed that office well ... the DA’s office is in free fall."


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Democrat, acting Nassau district attorney

“I have spent the last 24 years as a criminal prosecutor locking up murders, rapists, [and] child abusers.”
“I am fighting public corruption and I am rooting out drug dealers and fighting this heroin scourge."
“My opponent is a politician ... she has never prosecuted a single criminal case.”

On Murray's experience:

"She wouldn’t know a good prosecutor if one smacked her in the face ... you cannot manage what you don’t understand."
"You need to know what it means to be a prosecutor."

Singas: "What kind of DA do you want representing you and your family making you safe … my record 24 years of making sure justice is done, 24 years of standing with victims at their darkest hours."
"We need prosecutors who know the job, experience matters."

Murray: "This election is all about leadership … leadership is about setting priorities … it’s about getting results for the citizens of Nassau County, the acting DA does not have leadership experience and it shows."


Singas: "Kate Murray has remained silent on public corruption."
Murray: “The moment I see anybody doing anything wrong I will absolutely prosecute quickly, swiftly, decisively.”
“I turned in a member of my own party … the bottom line is he did something wrong and I didn’t hesitate for a moment.”
Singas: "I have made public corruption a top priority in my administration."
"When Dean Skelos was indicted, I asked my office to conduct a comprehensive review of Nassau County contractors … Ms. Murray didn’t even bother to read the Skelos indictment … she didn’t even bother to read, to know what’s going on in her own county."
"You need independence to investigate public corruption, and I am the only candidate in this race with that independence."


Murray: “We need to keep the drug dealers out so that they’re not in a revolving door of justice.”

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Murray: "I have a three-part plan for the heroin issue … the acting DA said she has all these issues in hand, number one, I will not allow and argue forcibly and have my ADA's argue forcibly against putting drug dealers in diversion court."

Singas: “Diversion in this state is controlled by judges … that’s the law … the law also says who is eligible for diversion, not Miss Murray, regardless we have a plan and we have had a plan on how to attack heroin in our community … we know we cannot arrest our way out of this problem. We took out an international drug ring [from Mexico].”


Singas: "I have defended their searches and defended the statements they’ve made … I do not know if my stance on public corruption and police corruption has cost me this endorsement but I don’t care … I’m going to the people, I’m going to the voters."
Murray: "All of the men and women in law enforcement in Nassau County, have worked with Madeline Singas for nine years, and not one have endorsed her … I think that speaks volumes."


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Singas: “It depends on the type of case, when you’re talking about a special victims case, that is something we consider every day.”
“We cannot prosecute every single case … the criminal justice system is not set up that way.”
Murray: “I would take a look at the totality of the circumstances.”