For Connie Napoli, Nov. 10 has been a day of sadness and haunting questions.

On that date in 1984, someone snatched her 16-year-old daughter, Theresa Fusco, just blocks from her Lynbrook home and killed her.

"It's always a bad time of year for me," Napoli said.

But this year, as Napoli reflected on the unsolved case on its 26th anniversary, she received an e-mail from a friend who said Nassau detectives were using Facebook to take a new look at a similar case, the June 1984 disappearance of Kelly Morrissey, 15, a friend of Theresa's.

Napoli, who still lives in Lynbrook, always considered the feelings she got around this time of year signs from her daughter, but especially so this year.

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"I felt very strange," she said. "I had been kind of having my memories all day, but then as a coincidence this should happen on the day she disappeared. It's almost as if my daughter's trying to tell us something. It's almost like a sign."

The friend informed Napoli that Nassau police had been analyzing exchanges among people who had visited the Facebook page of Hot Skates Rink, where Theresa Fusco had worked as a hostess.

The day she disappeared, Fusco had been fired from the rink and was walking down Merrick Road.

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Her body was found a month later.

Three men were convicted of the crime, but, in 2003, the convictions were overturned when DNA evidence on Fusco's body could not be linked to them.