The North Hempstead Zoning Board of Appeals has approved a developer’s request to replace a Barnes & Noble store in Manhasset with a medical office building with space for retail stores.

The town’s building department had denied C&B Realty’s permit request last year, saying the plan proposed too few and too small parking spaces for the site. The zoning board of appeals held a hearing on June 29 after several postponements earlier in the year.

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The plan involves an interior renovation that would convert a portion of the building from retail to medical office. However, part of the building will have retail space.

The vote took place August 17.

The store is located at 1542 Northern Blvd.

Town spokeswoman Carole Trottere said the approval came with several caveats, including that customer parking be handled by a valet service and that the site plan, parking layout, and a proposed retaining wall be approved by the Village of North Hills.