The Oyster Bay Town Board is considering regulating the use of unmanned aircraft, known as drones, at town facilities.

A proposed local law would require private and commercial operators of drones to obtain permits from the town before flying the devices over any town-owned property, including beaches, parks and buildings.

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The intent of the proposal, according to the draft legislation, is to limit the use of drones because “the flying of these drones presents a noisy and potentially dangerous condition to the public and wildlife.”

Under the proposal, people or companies seeking to fly drones over town property could apply for a permit from the town. The permit application would require payment of a $75 fee as well as information about the equipment, the date and time it would fly, and proof of insurance. The penalty for flying a drone without a permit would be $500 and/or 15 days in jail for the first offense, with punishment escalating for repeat offenders.

The town board is expected to schedule a July 25 hearing on the proposal.