Four small airplanes zipped above the waters just off Jones Beach on Friday as Long Island welcomed the participants in the 13th annual Bethpage Air Show this holiday weekend.

“This is going to be a great weekend,” George Gorman, deputy regional director of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, said at a news conference on the boardwalk at the beach’s central mall, his words inaudible at times as planes buzzed by — seven passes in all.

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Wayne Horsley, the regional director of parks, singled out several of the military groups taking part this year, including the Navy’s Blue Angels.

“This is New York State’s way of saluting our veterans and to those who gave all throughout our history of the United States of America. And this is our way of saying ‘Thank you. We applaud you. We are in awe of what you gave us — our freedom for the future — for us today and for the future and into the long term,’ ” Horsley said.

“Everyone: Enjoy the air show. We’re so proud to be your sponsors here today,” he added.

The main sponsor of the show, which takes place Saturday and Sunday, is Bethpage Federal Credit Union.