Two residences remained occupied at the Syosset mobile home park on Monday after three other households vacated in the morning.

Members of the two households continued to pack and said they plan to leave together this weekend to share a house in upstate New York.

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“We just want a little more time,” said Dawn St. Clair, 36, who has lived at the mobile home park with her two children for eight years.

For the past nine years, residents of the more than 80 mobile homes have fought eviction. Bob Carman, 54, said he was supposed to get $1,200 from the park’s owners, STP Associates, for agreeing to leave but he said that agreement was cancelled because he wasn’t able to leave on Monday.

Carman, who requires an oxygen tank to breathe because of lung disease, said he was ready for the fight to be over. “I’ll never come back to Long Island,” he said.

Carman rents his mobile home from a former resident who said she is still fighting eviction because the $2,500 the property owner offered her to leave was far less than the more than $120,000 she invested in her home.

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STP Associates attorney Jeffrey Miller of Uniondale did not return a call for comment. Workmen on Monday boarded up recently vacated mobile homes as feral cats wandered through property.