Maria Shriver back on NBC News

Maria Shriver

(Credit: Maria Shriver (Getty Images))

Maria Shriver has returned to NBC News as a special anchor focusing on issues affecting women, it was announced during the “Today” show Tuesday. She also been named editor at large for women’s issues across the NBC News Digital platforms.

Shriver, 57, took leave from the network in 2004 while serving as first lady of California, alongside hubby Arnold Schwarzenegger, from whom she separated...

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New report shows NYC was a virtual toilet after Sandy

Submerged cars on Ave. C and 7th st,

(Credit: Submerged cars on Ave. C and 7th st, after severe flooding caused by Sandy. (Getty))

A new report shows that Superstorm Sandy sent 11 billion gallons of sewage -- a third of it raw -- into streets, rivers, bays, canals and streets in the eight hardest-hit states, with 47% of the overflow occurring in New York in the weeks during and after the storm. Most of muck wound up in the waters of New York City and southern Jersey.

Imagine "Central Park stacked 41 feet high with sewage,"...

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Occupy Wall Street protests to return on May Day

Occupy Wall Street participants down Broadway on May

(Credit: Occupy Wall Street participants down Broadway on May Day last year. (Getty))

Occupy Wall Street plans a big show of solidarity across the city Wednesday.

Several workers-advocate groups and unions have scheduled various May Day events at City Hall, Washington Square Park and Zuccotti Park, among other locations, according to Internet listings.

Among the scheduled events is a human chain of support around Union Square Park. Chain organizers La Fuentean immigrant...

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Citi Bike stations cause headaches for many New Yorkers

Gary Ormiston reacts to the Citi Bike stations

(Credit: Gary Ormiston reacts to the Citi Bike stations outside 99 Bank Street. /Linda Rosier)

As the city works to get its bike share program going by the end of the month, some residents and small businesses are fed up with the rental stations popping up on their streets.

Thursday night, Community Board 2 in Manhattan will host a forum where residents can talk about how the racks being installed by the city Department of Transportation for Citi Bike are grinding their gears.


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Editorial: Put MTA's $40 million into commuter service

Smith-9th Street Station

(Credit: Smith-9th Street Station (MTA))

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority expects to wind up with a windfall of around $40 million come July when it works out its midyear budget adjustments. What should it do with the money?

It could:

-- Put a tiny dent in burgeoning fares. -- Sweeten the pot for a Transit Workers Union contract. -- Restore service that's been whacked in recent years.

We vote for service restorations.


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Greer: On smoking age, public health benefits beat overreach worries

A customer stands away from a Manhattan restaurant

(Credit: Craig Ruttle)

Thursday the City Council is scheduled to hold a hearing about whether to raise the city's age for cigarette sales from 18 to 21. Lawmakers in Albany are looking into a similar statewide measure, too.

Eighteen-year-olds can vote for presidents, legislators and mayors. They can go to war across the world. They can get married without their parents' consent. So this proposal has an element of...

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'Kinky Boots' leads Tony nominations

"Kinky Boots" by Cyndi Lauper

(Credit: "Kinky Boots," a musical by Cyndi Lauper)

The musical "Kinky Boots," with the score by pop star Cyndi Lauper, on Tuesday earned 13 nominations for the Tony Awards, leading the field for Broadway's highest honor and closely followed by British import "Matilda," which received 12.

Both shows were nominated for best musical, along with "Bring It On: The Musical" and "A Christmas Story: The Musical."...

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Obama is proud of Jason Collins, angry at Assad and still wants Gitmo closed

President Barack Obama

(Credit: President Barack Obama (Getty Images))

In a news conference at the White House Tuesday, President Barack Obama heaped praise on Washington Wizards center Jason Collins; indicated that the forced feedings of hunger strikers at Guantánamo Bay would continue while affirming his desire to close the prison; and proclaimed President Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons in Syria "a game changer."

Obama told the press corps...

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'WTF'? Marc Maron jumps to TV

Marc Maron

(Credit: Marc Maron)

Since comedian Marc Maron started hosting his podcast “WTF with Marc Maron” in 2009, he's gone from getting fired three times in five years by the same company (former radio network Air America) to making headlines thanks to interviews with comics like Louis C.K., writing a new book (“Attempting Normal,” due out today) and writing and starring in his own show for IFC, “Maron.”

He’s also become...

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Tips for staying focused and motivated when life throws curveballs

Holistic wellness coach, nutrition consultant and author Jovanka

(Credit: Holistic wellness coach, nutrition consultant and author Jovanka Ciares)

We’ve all been there. Life gets ahead of you, work gets very busy, challenges arise. It can be easy to let things slide or to not give your all just to get the job done. But there are some simple tools we can all use to alleviate stress and help us accomplish our goals, even in the face of hardship.

That’s what Jovanka Ciares says. The holistic wellness coach, nutrition consultant and author...

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