A senior at The Wheatley School is making a splash with his efforts to eliminate use of plastic water bottles at his school.

Graham Turk, 17, has sold 100 stainless steel bottles to classmates this spring through his campaign, "The ReFill Project."

Last year, he spearheaded installation of two refill stations that offer filtered water in the Old Westbury school's halls.

The initiative stemmed from Turk's involvement in Wheatley's Environmental Action Committee, which each week recycles the school's cans and bottles.

"In this day and age, it's evident that the culture of waste has got to change," Turk, 17, said of the importance of the campaign.

So far, the refill stations installed last spring have eliminated the use of about 15,000 plastic water bottles at the school, Turk said.

He is working to bring the campaign to the East Williston district's two other schools by next month, and his ultimate goal is having local businesses fund purchases of the stainless steel bottles in exchange for having their logos appear on the side.

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Turk is also a member of the school's varsity ice hockey and golf teams and the mathletes and academic quiz bowl teams.