When New York charities hire for-profit telemarketers for fundraising campaigns, how much of your donations do the telemarketers keep?

Our chart of the 2013 data — breaking down what telemarketers passed on to charities by percentage — may surprise you. It shows that 101 campaigns actually lost money, more than in any other category.

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In 87 campaigns, telemarketers passed on 10 to 19 percent of donations, and in 83 campaigns they sent on 30 to 39 percent. Only in 10 campaigns did telemarketers pass on 90 to 100 percent of what they raised.

Overall, telemarketers raised $302 million in phone campaigns and turned over 48.4 percent to the charities involved, according to the Pennies for Charity report from New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman.

App users, tap on the above link to see the figures on our database. Some numbers are based on interim reports. You can review campaigns in Long Island, New York City and elsewhere around the state, and search by telemarketer and charity.