Police warn of misinformation about shooting

Connecticut State Police give an update on the

Connecticut State Police give an update on the Newtown shooting investigation. (Credit: News 12)

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NEWTOWN - State police investigating Friday's mass shooting in Newtown are warning that anyone spreading misinformation about the tragedy on social media could face charges for it.

Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance social media users are spreading false information and are even posing as the suspect. Vance stressed that this behavior is a crime and that authorities will prosecute anyone identified doing it.

"There has been misinformation from people posing as the shooter in this case, posing using other IDs. Mimicking this crime and crime scene and criminal activity that took place in this community," Vance said at a morning news conference.

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"There have been some things in somewhat of a threatening manner... Prosecution will take place when people who are perpetrating this information are identified," Vance warned.

Vance also gave a brief update on how the investigative process is going. "Our people are talking with everybody slowly but surely, but methodically, too," he said. "This is something where people's hearts are broken, as we all well know. And we have to be sensitive."

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