Andrew Cuomo's campaign for governor spent $22.3 million this year, dwarfing the totals posted by his vanquished GOP opponent, postelection campaign finance records show.

Cuomo's campaign reported $4.986 million remaining, which he has said he'll use to fight public employee unions if they oppose his plans to cut state spending after he takes office on Jan. 1.

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Cuomo's opponent, Republican Carl Paladino of Buffalo, spent $7.7 million of his own money on the race and $9.54 million total. Paladino had pledged to invest $10 million of his own money in the race.

Cuomo spent the vast majority of his cash - $17.1 million - on television ads. Cuomo kept personnel costs relatively low, with top aide Joseph Percoco paid only $47,273 in 2010 and spokesman Josh Vlasto, $42,076.

Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo was paid more than $492,000. Bradley Tusk, the former aide to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who ran Dan Donovan's losing campaign for attorney general, earned $500,000.

Attorney General-elect Eric Schneiderman has $275,668 remaining. He spent $7.35 million to win election, more than three times Donovan's expenditures. Schneiderman spent $4.76 million on TV ads.

State officials' campaign finance records were due to the state Board of Elections on Monday, but the Cuomo and Schneiderman campaigns' records did not appear publicly until Tuesday.