Here are some important dates to remember during the race to become the 45th president of the United States. 

Feb. 1

Iowa caucuses

Feb. 6

GOP debate in Manchester, New Hampshire

Feb. 9 

New Hampshire primary

Feb. 11

Democratic debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Feb. 13 

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GOP debate in Greenville, South Carolina

Feb. 20

South Carolina Republican primary

Feb. 20

Democratic caucuses in Nevada

Feb. 23

GOP caucuses in Nevada

Feb. 25

GOP debate in Houston, Texas

Feb. 27

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South Carolina Democratic primary

March 1 - Super Tuesday

March 9

Democratic debate in Miami, Florida

March 10

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GOP debate in Miami, Florida

March 15

Florida, Ohio and North Carolina primaries

April 19

New York primary

July 18-21

GOP National Convention

July 25-28

Democratic National Convention

Sept. 26

First Presidential debate

Oct. 4

Vice Presidential debate

Oct. 9

Second presidential debate

Oct. 19 

Third presidential debate

Nov. 8 

Election Day