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Senate candidate Adam Haber loans campaign $200,000

Adam Haber announces his run for the New

(Credit: Chris Ware)

Democratic State Senate candidate Adam Haber, a retired Wall Street futures trader, has loaned his campaign $200,000 as he prepares to square off in November against State Sen. Jack Martins (R-Mineola) in the 7th District.

Haber, who largely self-financed his 2013 campaign for county executive, previously said he would put at least $79,500 of his own money into the race -- the annual salary...

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Buffalo Senate seat: Grisanti vows to fight on after losing primary

Sen. Mark Grisanti (R-Buffalo) in the Senate lobby

(Credit: AP / Mike Groll)

After losing the Republican primary to a rival candidate, state Sen. Mark Grisanti is saying he will pursue his candidacy on the Independence line -- posing the prospect of a three-way vote split among the Democrat, the Republican and himself.

Grisanti is a former Democrat who won the seat in 2010 from an incumbent city Democrat. His vote for same-sex marriage inflamed some Republicans, helping...

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Astorino 'reveals': Cuomo 'kills' unicorns, imprisons Santa

ALBANY — Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s new Internet campaign ad reveals all: Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo “locked Santa in a chimney,” pushed Humpty Dumpty, and is a “unicorn killer.”

The spoof ad has a serious message. It criticizes what Astorino calls baseless attack ads by Cuomo. Cuomo ads have so far accused Astorino, the Westchester County executive, of corruption...

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Judge: NY must reword redistricting amendment

A state judge has ruled the state must rewrite a proposed redistricting amendment, saying officials used language that would mislead voters.

Specifically, Supreme Court Judge Patrick McGrath said the use of the word "independent" to describe the creation of a new redistricting commission paints a false picture for voters. He said the word should be deleted.

The Cuomo administration can...

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4th C.D.: Rice debuts her first television ad of campaign

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice speaks to

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

Democratic congressional candidate Kathleen Rice on Wednesday released her first television ad of the campaign -- a 30-second spot focusing on her work as Nassau district attorney combating drunken driving and texting-while-driving.

The ad, titled, “Promise,” follows two ads that Rice’s Republican opponent for the open 4th District seat, Bruce Blakeman, debuted last week that focused on women’s...

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In key race, Esposito, Croci trade blows over taxes

  Democratic State Senate candidate Adrienne Esposito announced Tuesday she backs a series of tax-relief bills that have had bipartisan support while bashing Republican opponent Tom Croci for hiking taxes as Islip town supervisor in 2013, an increase Croci has blamed on his Democrat predecessor.

  Croci fired back, defending his record in Islip and blaming state Democrats for the...

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Astorino’s son slams Cuomo for altering Astorino family photo in attack ad

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino's son, Sean, slams

(Credit: Vimeo)

ALBANY -- The 11-year-old son of Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino is featured in an Internet video in which he berates Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo over an attack ad that used a doctored Astorino family photo.

“It was one of my favorite pictures ever with my dad,” Sean Astorino said of the photo of the two at a Miami Dophins game.

Erie County Democrats ran a TV ad during...

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Green campaign seeks liberal vote to pressure Cuomo

ALBANY -- Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins said he’s seeking a growing liberal vote for governor and points to a recent poll that shows he may be getting some traction.

A poll by upstate WWNY-TV/7 and Siena College last week of the 21st Congressional District in northern New York reported Hawkins would get 12 percent of the vote for governor among those polled.

Minor party candidates...

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3rd C.D.: Steve Israel airs first TV ad of campaign (video below)

Rep. Steve Israel speaks at a rally at

(Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) who is facing a challenge from Republican attorney Grant Lally for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, released his first TV ad of the election season on Monday.

In a 30-second spot, set to air on local cable channels, Israel takes the wheel of a car and says “the middle class isn’t looking for a free ride, it’s just looking for a fair shot.”


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Biz council scores state legislators

The New York State Business Council, an influential lobby, issued its legislative report card Monday. As typical, Republicans scored higher than Democrats. For a list of the lobby's issues and grading methods, click here. Below are the grades it gave members of the Long Island delegation for the 2014 legislative session (based on a 100-point scale)


Kemp Hannon (R-Garden...

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