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U.S. official rejects Rep. Bishop's claim 40 Americans who left to join ISIS are back in U.S.

A YouTube video that shows Rep. Tim Bishop telling a business group a week ago that 40 Americans who went to join the Islamic State militant group have returned to the United States has created a splash on the web, especially on conservative news sites.

It made news because Bishop, a Southampton Democrat seeking re-election to a seventh term, is the first U.S. official to put the number 40...

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On Arming Syrian Rebels: Schumer votes yes, Gillibrand votes no

New York’s two Democratic senators agree on a lot of policies, but not always. On Thursday, Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand split on the 78-22 vote for funding the government through mid-December.

The breaking point was the attachment to the spending bill of a measure to authorize the arming and training of moderate Syrian rebels as part of President Barack Obama’s strategy...

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Judge allows challenge to Esposito signatures to continue

A challenge by Republican Tom Croci to Adrienne Esposito’s State Senate candidacy on the Women’s Equality Line is still alive after a judge ruled that Esposito properly was served with legal papers.

A final decision on whether Esposito will run on the newly created line is expected next week by the Suffolk County Board of Elections. Another state Supreme Court hearing on the challenge is set...

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C.D.3: Steve Israel receives Suffolk police union endorsement; knocks Grant Lally on law enforcement record

Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) recently received the endorsement of the Coalition of Suffolk Police Unions, using the nod to knock Republican challenger Grant Lally on his previous opposition to federal legislation that funded thousands of new police officers.

On Wednesday, Suffolk Police Benevolent Association president Noel DiGerolamo said the coalition of unions endorsed Israel because...

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Mounting school speed camera costs

A sign warns motorists of a speed traffic

(Credit: Kevin P. Coughlin)

The costs of Nassau's new school speed camera program continue to mount. And that's just counting dollars, not political consequences of the initiative that has infuriated hundreds of county motorists.

Nassau already lost more than $2 million in anticipated revenue when County Executive Edward Mangano dismissed nearly 40,000 tickets issued last month because of malfunctions in the program...

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Timing and cost of Mangano flier in question

Nassau residents this month received this four-page full-color

(Credit: Nassau County)

A recent county mailer might be considered ill-timed, as well as an inappropriate use of taxpayer money.

Nassau residents this month received a four-page full-color flier in the mail with the headline “County Executive Ed Mangano and the Republican majority froze county taxes 5 consecutive years,” over a small headshot of Mangano.

“My administration knows that taxes are too high!” begins...

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Clinton, Gillibrand join in 'revival' to get women out to vote

A panel on women’s economic security featuring Hillary Clinton today turned from a discussion of issues into what its moderator called  a “revival,” as the panelists shifted from talking about economics to urging “another 6 million women” to come out to vote in the mid-term elections in November.

Democrats have been stoking women's issues for the past several months to take advantage...

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Senate candidate Adam Haber loans campaign $200,000

Adam Haber announces his run for the New

(Credit: Chris Ware)

Democratic State Senate candidate Adam Haber, a retired Wall Street futures trader, has loaned his campaign $200,000 as he prepares to square off in November against State Sen. Jack Martins (R-Mineola) in the 7th District.

Haber, who largely self-financed his 2013 campaign for county executive, previously said he would put at least $79,500 of his own money into the race -- the annual salary...

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Buffalo Senate seat: Grisanti vows to fight on after losing primary

Sen. Mark Grisanti (R-Buffalo) in the Senate lobby

(Credit: AP / Mike Groll)

After losing the Republican primary to a rival candidate, state Sen. Mark Grisanti is saying he will pursue his candidacy on the Independence line -- posing the prospect of a three-way vote split among the Democrat, the Republican and himself.

Grisanti is a former Democrat who won the seat in 2010 from an incumbent city Democrat. His vote for same-sex marriage inflamed some Republicans, helping...

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Astorino 'reveals': Cuomo 'kills' unicorns, imprisons Santa

ALBANY — Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s new Internet campaign ad reveals all: Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo “locked Santa in a chimney,” pushed Humpty Dumpty, and is a “unicorn killer.”

The spoof ad has a serious message. It criticizes what Astorino calls baseless attack ads by Cuomo. Cuomo ads have so far accused Astorino, the Westchester County executive, of corruption...

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