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As mayor, Lhota says, he'd be tough on unions, but fair*

Joseph Lhota discusses his positions on urgent issues

Joseph Lhota discusses his positions on urgent issues of the moment. (Credit: Nancy Borowick)

Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, the former MTA chairman, has been speaking on major issues, and AMNY has a compliation of positions. After years of no wage increases, the pressure will be on the next top official in City Hall to negotiate new contracts without breaking the bank, in a time of fiscal straits all over. As Ivan Pereira reports, Lhota has said: ""As mayor, I have to represent the people of the city of New York, not just the labor unions. I'm going be tough with the unions, I always have been tough with the unions but no union member can tell you I haven't been fair with them."

Here's the rest of the Q and A printed by AMNY.

*Corrects attribution.

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