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Big donors aid Cuomo

 Most of the money Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has raised since taking office has come from big donors, according to a new report Wednesday.

  Cuomo has raised $21.4 million over the last two years -- $16.9 million of that, or 79 percent, has come from donors who gave $10,000 or more, according to the New York Public Interest Research Group.

  At least 142 donors gave Cuomo $40,000 or more, NYPIRG found.

  Several contributors took advantage of New York’s much-criticized campaign-finance law to get around the $60,800 limit on donations to a candidate, said NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney. He said they do so by channeling contributions through multiple subsidiaries or limited liability corporations.

  Here is a list of the governor’s top donors over the last 25 months, according to NYPIRG:
- Holdings of Leonard Litwin (real estate) … $500,000.
- Empire Merchants LLC, and Empire Merchants North LLC (wine & liquor) … $121,600.
- Roth & Sons Management/Roth & Sons New York (architecture) … $120,800.
- The Richman Group (real estate) … $115,000.
- Zuffa/Ultimate Fighting Productions (ultimate fighting) … $105,000.

  Last fall, Newsday took a look at Litwin, one of the biggest political spenders in the state.


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