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CD1: Non-fictional Bishop reacts to 'House of Cards' LI wine crack

In the latest 'House of Cards' episode on Netflix, the character who plays one of the House caucus leaders, a California Congressman, dismisses wine from a Long Island colleague's district as tasting like urine, "compared to what we have in Napa."

Linked here is a good summary of the plot and dialogue.

The Long Island colleague is purportedly Tim Bishop-like, or at least his fictional parallel.

So the real-life Democratic Congressman from Southampton yesterday released this statement via real-life spokeswoman Krystyna Baumgartner to Newsday's real-life Mark Harrington:

"On behalf of East End vitners, growers, their employees and customers, I take exception to anyone criticizing Long Island wines. We have exceptional wines produced by skilled, dedicated and hard-working owners and their employees of vineyards on both forks of our East End which is why wine production is one of the fastest growing industries on Long Island. I invite the individuals involved in the show to visit New York's First Congressional district to join me at some of our vineyards."


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