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Cuomo may simply follow Obama on minimum-wage level

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo delivers his

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo delivers his State of the State and budget proposals at The City College of New York in Manhattan. (Feb. 6, 2013) (Credit: Getty Images)

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo might follow President Barack Obama’s plan to hike the minimum wage to $9 an hour instead of pushing ahead with his own plan for New York of raising the minimum wage to $8.75 from $7.25.

And, the Democratic governor says, his bill on abortion will simply “codify” the current federal law to shield women in case a future U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturns current law.

But high-volume hydraulic fracturing is a different story. The Cuomo administration has again delayed a decision on the controversial drilling technique, for more public health study.

In contrast the president, in his State of the Union address, applauded the recent increase in natural gas output, saying it has lowered “nearly everyone’s energy bill.”

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