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L.I.'s Rep. King, leaving chairmanship, expresses a concern

Rep. Peter King conducted hearings on U.S. Muslim

Rep. Peter King conducted hearings on U.S. Muslim communities and terrorism, the linkage of which aroused controversy. (Credit: AP)

As Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) prepares to step down from his high-profile job as chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, he said he's a little concerned that none of those likeliest to succeed him come from states that have not been targeted by terrorists, as New York has.

They include Reps. Candice Miller of Michigan, Mike Rogers of Alabama and Michael McCaul of Texas, according to the National Journal. Miller has led the subcommittee on border security; McCaul has chaired the subcommittee on oversight and investigations, and Rogers has run subcommittee on transportation security. King said next year he will take over subcommittee on terrorism, or as it is formally known, counterterrorism and intelligence.

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