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Mangano campaign chowing down


Lambchop (Credit: clipart)

The political committee for Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano shelled out more than $10,000 for food in the last six months of last year — and it wasn’t even an election year.

There were four chits totaling slightly more than $3,000 at H.R. Singleton’s in Bethpage, in the same small shopping center where Mangano had his election headquarters in 2009. There were smaller bills at several establishments near the main county office building in Mineola, including Plum Tomatoes Pizza, Murphy’s Bar and Chris’s Deli.

And there were a handful of out-of-town establishments, including $255.57 at the NY Yankee Steak House in the Bronx, $256.60 at The Palm in Manhattan and $99.94 at Wolfgang Puck in Disney World, where Mangano had a fundraiser in early December.

“These are all campaign expenses related to feeding volunteers, consultants and staff,” a Mangano spokesman said.

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