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Mangano hires Joanne Maglione, who was Michael Venditto opponent

Joanne Maglione, who ran on the Democratic line against Republican Michael Venditto last fall to fill the Nassau legislative seat of the late Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt, has been hired by the administration of Republican County Executive Edward Mangano.

Maglione, a registered Republican from Massapequa Park who practices law under her maiden name of Oweis, started two weeks ago as a $95,000-a-year police labor attorney. That’s more than twice the $39,500 annual salary of Venditto of Massapequa, who won the election.

First Deputy Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter said Maglione “brings with her a wealth of federal and state litigation experience.”

Maglione worked as a deputy county attorney under Democratic County Executive Thomas Suozzi. She said she worked in the past with Krumpter and police personnel and had interviewed in the past for the job. “It’s coming back home,” she said.

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Which was the most fevered lunge for self-promotion by a power player?

Hollywood actor and director Danny Glover urging New York City to keep horse carriages. Actress Edie Falco making a TV ad to abolish horse carriages. Ex-Sony exec Mitch Singer, last week: “Why do so many believe that this is Sony’s war to fight?"

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