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More detail on Obama's big New York win

With 98 percent of precincts reporting, President Barack Obama won New York state with 63 percent of the vote, the AP reported, the same margin he won in 2008.

With ballots left to count, Obama so far has won 3.8 million votes to Republican Mitt Romney's 2.2 million votes, AP reported.  In 2008, Obama won 4.;8 million votes in New York state, and the GOP's John McCain won 2.8 million votes.

Below is the AP tally, including all candidates

    14,794 of 15,140 precincts - 98 percent
    x Barack Obama, Dem (i) 3,844,883 - 63 percent
    Mitt Romney, GOP 2,204,525 - 36 percent
    Gary Johnson, Lib 41,995 - 1 percent
    Jill Stein, Grn 35,262 - 1 percent
    Virgil Goode, CST 6,149 - 0 percent
    Peta Lindsay, PSL 2,103 - 0 percent

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