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NYC: Presumed front-runners in ethics crossfire

NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn is trading ethics

NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn is trading ethics charges with former Giuliani Deputy Mayor Joseph Lhota. (Credit: Charlie Eckert)

An interesting crossfire has developed between the presumed “front-runners” in the mayor’s race.

Former Rudy Giuliani Deputy Mayor Joseph Lhota, a Republican, took aim at a point that had already been brought up by long-shot Democratic candidate Sal Albanese, citing differences in the member-item allocations granted to different council members under Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan).

Quinn, through her spokesman, shot back at Lhota, claiming “ethical” lapses through the Giuliani administration’s punishment of a council member over a school in his district, the presence of since-imprisoned Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik in the administration, etc.

The question seemed to be who can make the baggage of past and present City Hall incumbency heavier for the other -- beyond whether Quinn's foes on the progressive side manage to build up her "negatives" with upcoming cable ads.

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