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Paterson resumes the 2010 theme

Gov. David A. Paterson tonight restated his intention to run for re-election in 2010, saying challengers would have made the same unpopular decisions he has because of the recession.

“Next year when there’s an election, and I’m running, the other candidates are going to have to explain how they would have done this differently,” Paterson said in an interview with an upstate cable television show. “The work that I’ve done is in the ambit of where anyone who is serious about saving this state from bankruptcy – that’s the direction they would have taken.”

     Paterson was referring to tax and fee increases in the 2009-10 budget and elimination of the popular STAR property-tax rebate checks. He also said he could have done a better job of explaining the spending increase was due to an influx of federal stimulus money.

     “These are the worst of times and I’m prepared to address them,” the governor told “Capital Tonight,” which airs throughout upstate on Time Warner Cable.

     Paterson also appeared still angry over a statement last week by a NY1 News anchorman that the governor had taken his daughter, incorrectly referred to as under-aged, to a nightclub in the early morning. Paterson’s stepdaughter, Ashley Dennis, 21, is a senior at Ithaca College.

     Paterson, referring to the tough financial straits of some media organizations, admonished them and elected officials to be professional and truthful.

     “I’m ready to clean the slate but I certainly hope that we will try to be as accurate in governing, in observing and also in legislating as the public would expect us to be,” he said. “The public would expect us to be professional and when we say something is a fact to know that it is a fact.”

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