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Sen. Schumer 'beats' Suffolk Executive Bellone in podium race

Don't try to beat Sen. Chuck Schumer at a press conference podium race.

With an eye for good optics and with rain holding off, Schumer decided to move a press conference on securing FEMA money for Suffolk County radio towers outside the police headquarters in Yaphank Monday.

But that left him and Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone standing outside without a podium.

"Let's get our podium," Schumer said to his staff.

"Let's get our podium," Bellone said.

Staff raced off.

"Whoevers gets here first, wins," Bellone joked.

Schumer's staff arrived first, unfolding a portable podium that they keep in the car. It had a worn-looking U.S. Senate logo on it, and room for plenty of microphones.

"We got our podium," Schumer said proudly, before giving Bellone a little advice. "Travel light."

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Which was the most fevered lunge for self-promotion by a power player?

Hollywood actor and director Danny Glover urging New York City to keep horse carriages. Actress Edie Falco making a TV ad to abolish horse carriages. Ex-Sony exec Mitch Singer, last week: “Why do so many believe that this is Sony’s war to fight?"

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