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The FEMA question: Does it hurt Romney?

Mitt Romney appeared Tuesday in Ohio.

Mitt Romney appeared Tuesday in Ohio. (Credit: AP photo)

In the wake  of Sandy's destructive path, the future of the Federal Emergency Management Agency comes into question in light of the presidential campaign. Candidate Mitt Romney has yet to address whether the agency would have a future under his administration, and his detractors are of course champing at the bit to use this against him. Here is one summary of the issue, an aspect of which is that VP candidate Paul Ryan's budget would take a big chunk of funding out of such emergency aid. Stay tuned.

After one side or the other loses the election next week, it will be interesting to hear how disrupted voting due to the storm gets blamed.

Mitchell Moss has this posting on CNN about the debunking of the "nanny state." Of course we haven't heard from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg about big soda containers for a couple of days; maybe they can be used to haul gasoline as recovery resumes.

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