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Video: Correction union backs anti-Mangano message

A commercial spoofing Nassau Sheriff Michael Sposato’s background as a jail cook began airing on local television Tuesday.

The ad depicts Sposato and County Executive Edward Mangano in chefs' hats and aprons and accuses them of cooking up a “political stew” at the county corrections center by “cutting supervision, chopping training and dicing the medical staff.”

Calling the moves “a recipe for disaster,” the commercial urges viewers to call Mangano to “backburner his bad ideas.”

Although the commercial is attributed to the “Nassau Concerned Citizen Coalition,” its message clearly comes from the county correction officers union, which has protested demotions and other budget-cutting moves at the East Meadow jail.

The coalition “is a public education fund that we created to get a message out to the public,” said John Jaronczyk, president of the sheriff’s Correction Officers Benevolent Association.

Mangano aide Brian Nevin retorted, “This is a childish ad from an ineffective union boss who has continually failed his members and wasted their dues. The residents of Nassau know that County Executive Mangano will not be bullied by union bosses that seek to control the residents pursestrings.”

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Which was the most fevered lunge for self-promotion by a power player?

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