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One-on-one AG debate brought a struggle to be heard

Last night’s state attorney general debate displayed the kind of spectacle that a one-on-one clash can provide — unlike the recent four-way format in the sole governor’s debate.

The televised exchange at Hilbert College in suburban Buffalo featured Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, the Democrat, and challenger John Cahill, the Republican, repeatedly shouting over each other.


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Anyone surprised? Cuomo leads Astorino, 56-30 percent, in Marist poll

Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has a sizeable

(Credit: AP)

Going into the weekend before Election Day, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo cruises well ahead of his out-funded, out-enrolled, out-positioned underdog Republican opponent, with the Marist poll putting the incumbent at 56 percent and Astorino at 30 percent. All that was probably to be expected.

Big Cuomo spending on negative ads slamming Astorino likely has much to do with it. Says the Marist report:...

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Cuomo hammers Astorino, Republicans: They 'cooperate with no one'

Former President Bill Clinton embraces Gov. Andrew M.

(Credit: Craig Ruttle)

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo stuck to broad themes as he kicked off a three-city upstate tour Friday, urging Democrats to turn out on issues of abortion, same-sex marriage and gun control while painting Republicans as obstructionists and “ultraconservatives.”

Cuomo, with at least a 21-point lead in most polls, continued to hammer away at Republican foe Rob Astorino, though not identifying the Westchester...

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Astorino in Binghamton: Cuomo feels race 'slipping away'

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino speaks during a

(Credit: Albany Times Union / Lori Van Buren)

Republican Rob Astorino was on a four-city tour Friday seeking to nail down the upstate vote he needs as part of his strategy to win upstate and in the suburbs outside New York City.

Down 20 points in the polls, Astorino, the Westchester County executive, is trying to win the upstate vote on his support for natural gas drilling, pledge to repeal Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s gun control...

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Rice to Blakeman: Disclose business relationship with ex-father-in-law Myron Shevell

Fourth Congressional District candidate Kathleen Rice stands with

(Credit: Steve Pfost)

Democratic congressional candidate Kathleen Rice has taken aim at Republican opponent Bruce Blakeman's business relationship with his ex-father-in-law Myron Shevell, citing Shevell’s involvement in a 1988 federal racketeering lawsuit.

Rice's campaign this week called on Blakeman to “disclose his relationship” with Shevell, owner of New England Motor Freight, a New Jersey-based trucking company.


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Oooh, scary! Five eerie, election-related Halloween frights

Falling so close to Election Day, Halloween offers the perfect time for a political scare.

For voters in the dark, here are five basic fright-night features of which to beware:

1 Spirits and ghosts of elections past rise to haunt the airwaves with endorsements.

Former President Bill Clinton appeared Thursday, as he has before, in support of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. Former New York...

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Effort relaunched to monitor, record problems at LI, NYC polling sites

Nonprofit groups are promoting the relaunch of a Web app they say is aimed at helping Long Islanders and New York City residents report poll problems on Election Day, which is Tuesday.

The app, called PollWatchUSA, which went into operation in 2012, is described as a crowd-sourcing tool (Web talk for taking information and other content from a large number of people).

Common Cause, the...

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3rd S.D.: Candidates trade exploitation charges

Adrienne Esposito and Tom Croci, the candidates in the 3rd State Senate District in Suffolk County, are accusing each other of exploiting breast cancer.

Mailers by the New York Senate Republican Committee accused Democratic candidate Adrienne Esposito of having sought to use breast cancer to fundraise for an environmental group in 1993. Esposito countered that her opponent, Republican Islip...

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AG race continues to heat as debate nears

ALBANY — In a preview of Thursday night’s only TV debate in the attorney general race, Democrat Eric Schneiderman and Republican John Cahill hammered away at their opponent’s records on taxes.

Schneiderman, the attorney general from Manhattan, questioned Cahill’s role as a member of the board of directors of a company based in Ireland and Bermuda. American companies have moved to those tax...

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Dems pressure own voters, say turnout will be monitored

The New York State Democratic Party, apparently concerned about a lack of enthusiasm for next week's election, is telling members that unnamed organizations are monitoring their neighborhood turnout, the Associated Press reported.

 The party sent letters to enrolled Democrats saying it will review voting records to see if the recipient cast a ballot. If they don't, the party writes that...

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