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State Senate candidate Adam Haber calls for $5B state surplus to be used for "business hubs"

Democrat Adam Haber, who is running against Sen. Jack M. Martins (R-Mineola) for state senate, recently unveiled his proposal for how the state should spend the $5 billion windfall generated from recent bank settlements.

Haber, a restaurant owner and venture capitalist said on Tuesday that the state should use the money to create “business hubs” that would attract startup companies and spur...

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Martins, Haber campaigns spar over 'women's agenda' (UPDATED)

Sparring over a package of bills called the “women’s agenda” continued Thursday, as Republicans released an ad Thursday criticizing Democrat Senate candidate Adam Haber’s stance. The Haber campaign called the ad a “cynical” distortion.

The ad, paid for by the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, knocks Haber for calling for the Legislature to pass all 10 bills in the package -- including...

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Adam Haber knocks Sen. Jack Martins' legislative record

Adam Haber, center, launched his campaign for the

(Credit: Chris Ware)

Democrat Adam Haber, who is challenging Sen. Jack Martins (R-Mineola) for the State Senate’s 7th District seat, took aim at the incumbent’s legislative record at a news conference in Hicksville this week.

Haber, an East Hills businessman and Roslyn school board member, spoke in front of the Hicksville Career Center on Monday where he criticized Martins for not supporting a vote on all 10 points...

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