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RNC: Beehive behind the scenes

GOP convention floor

GOP convention floor (Credit: Dan Janison)

Mitt loves America, and we should give him a chance, says Ann Romney.

Rick Santorum makes his case why Obama needs to be voted out.

Then you expect Gov. Christie to come out and shout, "How sweet it is!"

But we hear another sentimental, sanitized life story -- and also, a palpably decent and hard-headed message about choosing respect over love.

"Leadership delivers," he says.

This is how they do it, in both major parties.

Meanwhile, a New York GOP guest says it was if "we are all props in a three-day infomercial."

But if the speeches are the essence of a foregone nomination, why is there so much running around?

With Santorum up on the screen, ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his entourage whisk through the outer rim of the convention hall.

Rep. Bob Turner chats with a group in the hallway.

Earlier, at Steinbrenner Field, formerly Legend Field, billionaire industrialist David Koch of the NY delegation comes through -- with a bigger entourage -- headed for an elevator while others in the delegation munch footlong hot dogs and take batting practice.

There is purpose, but many layers of purpose, in the air.

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