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Suffolk's Levy lashes lawmaker

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is accusing Legis. Jack Eddington of “McCarthysque” abuse of subpoena power by threatening to haul his director of minority affairs Mel Guadalupe to testify before his legislative committee.

But Eddington said that Levy’s reaction is overblown and he was simply trying to find out of if Levy told the Hispanic advisory committee in a conference call that the lawmaker as “dropped the ball” on the recent bias incident at a local church.

Levy in a letter, said he never mentioned Eddington and his actions are “over the line,” and based on ”a desire...to lavish yourself in power.” Levy’s letter came after the county legislature last month gave Eddington’s public safety committee subpoena power — a move the county executive opposed — to probe police staffing issues.

Eddington said he never threatened Guadulupe, but called the Levy aide after his representative on the committee said Levy criticized him. When the Levy advisor said he “couldn’t recall,” Eddington admitted he was “frustrated” and asked, “What do I have to do -- subpoena the entire committee?” But Eddington emphasized it was a rhetorical question, not a threat. “I wish we had a better relationship and I could call him [Levy] directly and he’d be straight with me,” said Eddington.

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