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In the general election, the broader perception is that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has little to no interest in turning the state Senate back over to the Democrats -- in contrast to ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who came charging out of the gate declaring it a priority. Remember, from just the other day, it was Senate minority conference leader John Sampson who put the pesky (for gubernatorial optics) Ravi Batra on the JCOPE board, the man who quit in protest about “something sinister.”

Today the governor announced his endorsement of veteran incumbent Democrat Toby Ann Stavisky, whose Queens district on the GOP-drawn map has 83,070 Democrats, 17,239 Republicans, and 32,374 “blanks,” according to the state elections board. She's facing John Messer in Thursday's primary in which Asian-American votes are viewed as key. For those not versed in Queens stuff, she's the mother of well-known Democratic consultant Evan Stavisky and wife of the late widely-regarded state Sen. Leonard Stavisky.