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Congressional challenger George Demos' s ended up spending $2,737,280 on his losing GOP primary against State Sen. Lee Zeldin, the bulk of it -- $2.5 million -- self-funded.

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Given that Demos only got 6,482 votes, it means each vote her received cost $422.29 cents. Zeldin, who spent $714,029 in the primary, received 10,283 votes, meaning he spent $69.43 for each of his votes.

In the campaign's final days, from June 5 to 30, Demos spent $827,445 on radio, TV, mails and other expenses, loaning his campaign an additional $500,000 over the $2 million he had already invested. As of the June 30 end of the reporting period, Demos has $63,624 left but the reporting period ended only six days after June 24 primary so it is unclear if there are additional bills pending.