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Bridget Fleming, former prosecutor and current Southampton Town board member, is in a primary this Thursday against attorney Jennifer Maertz of Rocky Point for the Democratic nomination to oppose Sen. Kenneth LaValle in November. She appeared in Charlotte N.C. as a delegate from Suffolk last week and was on hand for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's speech on Thursday to the state delegation.

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She said it got her to consider how national policy affects state policy on education. "I think for instance the school aid formula is still ripping off Long Island. It's interesting to hear the governor talk about that and try to figure out how as a professional I can look forward, in working for my son and trying to get a fair shake," she said. "If the school aid formula puts too much a burden on property taxes in Long Island then that money doesn't go into the economy."

Above is a photo with her son Jai following the Cuomo speech.