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Lee Zeldin, GOP candidate in the 3rd Senate District, yesterday sent this 'getaway-for-the-fourth' statement, combined with an appeal for contributions as the mid-July reporting deadline nears.

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"As I am sending this to you, we are all witnessing a confirmation of why we need change in Albany.

This hour, our State Senators are scrambling to their vehicles without a state budget and without a date to return to Albany to complete their unfinished business.

Earlier this week, the State Senate passed the annual appropriations bill without knowing its cost and without an agreement on how to pay for it.

This budget bill was negotiated in secrecy, void of adequate spending cuts, and voted on without enough time for study and debate.

State Senators are now leaving Albany for an early start on their unearned extended July 4th holiday vacation without passing a revenue bill to pay for all of their spending. Their Albany getaway is ill advised and unfortunately predictable of our dysfunctional state legislature.

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"Now it is now July 1 and the state budget is officially 3 months late!"

"I am asking for your help to put together the necessary financial resources to send a message to Albany by ending the Follies of Foley and Friends."

Jim LaCarrubba, chief of staff for Foley, responded essentially that Zeldin is "completely out of touch" with the process and resorts to "spewing out venom." At the moment, he noted, it is not know how much revenue would be needed to balance the budget since the governor has not completed his vetoes and where the Assembly stands with regard to overrides, he said.



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