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Democratic State Senate contender Joseph Fritz withstood objections raised by the Senate Democratic campaign at the Suffolk Board of Elections to knock him off the primary ballot in the third district.

The election commissioners late Wednesday voted unanimously that Fritz had more than the 1,000 signatures necessary to qualify for the ballot. Fritz, who filed more than 1,400 signatures, was found to have more than 1,100  valid signatures, according to officials.

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  Both Fritz, a Brentwood lawyer and longtime party activist, and Adrienne Esposito, who has the backing of Senate Democrats, are also in court battling one another on the validity of their petitions. Neither Fritz nor a spokesman for Esposito's campaign could immediately be reached for comment.

Earlier in the week, Fritz offered what he termed an "olive branch,"  to drop his lawsuit if Esposito and her backers would do the same.