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 A fundraiser on Feb. 25 for Republican state Senate candidate Lee Zeldin is due to feature U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).  He’s a supporter of school prayer, foe of abortion, and favors requiring all illegal residents to return to their home countries and apply for entry to the U.S.

Liz Benjamin has details here.

On behalf of incumbent Sen. Brian X. Foley, his aide Ibrahim Khan offered this comment, seeking to paint DeMint as an extremist:

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"Once again, Lee Zeldin has shown his complete lack of understanding of the district he hopes to someday represent. Senator DeMint has been on the wrong side of the issues that matter most to the residents of the 3rd senate district, and bringing him to Long Island proves Mr. Zeldin's ignorance and conservative extremism.

“Senator DeMint has voted in favor of outsourcing work from America, and voted against extending much-needed unemployment benefits. He has voted against increasing the minimum wage, supports the elimination of social security as we know it, and he voted against legislation that would help families avoid foreclosure. Either Lee Zeldin has no clue as to what matters most to the residents of this area, or he supports the anti-middle class agenda of his new friend from South Carolina. If this is what Lee Zeldin truly stands for, maybe he should hold his fundraiser in South Carolina, and run for office there, where that type of agenda works."

Aside from Zeldin and Tom O’Hara vying for the Republican nomination,  Andrea Vecchio, a seasoned anti-tax activist upstate and on Long Island, who has interviewed with both the GOP and Conservative committee members. As she writes, “I am running on a School  Property Tax Cap platform and am determined to get a true cap bill passed for  Long Island property taxpayers."