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As Republican House candidate Bruce Blakeman spent last week pressing Democratic foe Kathleen Rice to explain her role on a shuttered state anti-corruption panel, Rice’s campaign was launching an anti-Blakeman Twitter handle.

Initial tweets from @TruthAboutBruce included mentions of a tax hike Blakeman approved as a Nassau County lawmaker in 1999, his $250 donation to Rice's DA re-election in 2009, and a low-budget ad (featuring a talking dog) from his brief 2009 New York City mayoral campaign. But as of Friday, the account hadn’t gotten much traction — it had only 30 followers, several of whom are paid Rice campaign workers.

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Matt Coleman, a Blakeman spokesman, said: “no matter how hard Kathleen Rice tries, no amount of her dirty tricks and fake social media accounts can hide” that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s Moreland Commission, which Rice co-chaired, is under federal investigation regarding the details of its disbanding earlier this year.

Rice resigned from the commission in January. It was later reported that Cuomo’s office tried to influence commissioners from investigating entities close to the governor’s office.

Rice has declined comment on the details surrounding the federal investigation. Her spokesman, Eric Phillips, said the Twitter account highlights Blakeman’s career as “a political insider who’s spent two decades running for office in New York City and across the state.”