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Ken Mangan may have declared himself the winner and taken a victory lap, but Assemb. Ginny Fields (D-Oakdale) is not giving up the ship.

Not only did she not call Mangan last night to concede the Democratic primary, she claimed on Facebook this morning that she'll fight through to the general election, blaming the very same Democrats whose primary she lost for her defeat.

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"Down by 187 votes but not down and out. Still have Independence & Working Families lines. Between Blanks, Dems (who thought I was a shoe in and didn't vote) and Republicans, I believe I can win in November," she posted.

Now when we asked Fields earlier this month whether she would support the Democratic primary winner in November, her answer was: "That’s going to be me. Yes, I will support the Democratic primary winner." We noted that in our Sept. 4 story about the race.